Athletic Training​

66615-Dr. Thomas Keating and Mrs. Jayne Keating Athletic Training Education Program Scholarship (Sports Medicine Endowment)

64814-The Lenora J. Claringbold Memorial Fund

64723-Dr. Amy Lynn McIntosh Annual Scholarship

6630056-Reed Phillips Athletic Training Award

64668-Shingles Family Service Annual Health Professions Award

6630019-The Ron Sendre Athletic Training Education Award

Communication Disorders

66351-Keith L. Maxwell Scholarship

66358-Les Gruber Memorial Scholarship

66495-CDO-SLP Alumni Endowment

66548-Leo J. Kipfmueller Endowment Fund for Summer Remedial Clinics

66568-Margaret E. Sanford Marquardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship

66642-The Evelyn Hill Pender Memorial Endowment Scholarship

66689-Health Professions Non-Tenured Faculty Endowed Fund

66419-George N. and Ernestine R. Lauer Scholarship

66723-Mike and Beth Tierney Endowed Scholarship

66405-Wilbur Moore Prize


64815-Audiology Private Practice Award

66528-J. Dean and Betty L. Eckersley Audiology Scholarship

66485-Nicholas P. Redfield Memorial Endowment Agreement

Health Sciences

66345-Mary Lou Bruce Memorial Prize

66420-Blanche Connell Scholarship​

66509-Elizabeth Lockwood Wheeler Public Health Education Lectureship

6630078-Dr. Nazeem Haidar Memorial Fund

6630047-Richard B. Parr Endowed Guest Scholar Program in Clinical Exercise Physiology

66588-Sydney and Mary Walston Award

66734-Minelli Family Endowed Scholarship

66785-O'Boyle Endowed Scholarship

66460-Edward C. Brown Memorial Prize

Physician Assistant

64091-David R. Gamez Award for Physician Assistant Students

6630011-Ahmad Hakemi Scholarship Fund for Physician Assistants

66889-Ron L. Nelson Memorial Endowment

6630008-Richard & Colleen Burns Scholarship

66886-Robert L. Wintermyer Endowed Award

Physical Education and Sport

66833-Louise A. Williams Award II​

66663-Williams Endowment

66814-Jane McNamara Physical Education Award

66412-Bob Currie Memorial

66478-Grace L. Ryan Scholarship

66492-Margaret A. Bulger Lecture Program in Sports History Endowment

66536-Ronald W. and Bernice F. Finch Scholarship

66538-Dan and Bobbie Rose Scholarship

66547-Wallace C. Parker Endowment

6630035-Sport Management Endowed Award

66776-Alfred and Mildred Thomas Faculty Leadership Award​

66855-Deobold B. and Marcella Van Dalen Scholarship Fund

64096-The LaMott Smith Award

66800-James E. Hornak Endowed Award

Physical Therapy

64090-The Pre-Physical Therapy Scholarship

64672-Professional Values Award

Health Professions

66759-Dick Enberg Endowed Scholarship for Health Professions

66846-Doris A. Mitchell Endowed Award

66707-Health Professions Dean's Endowed Scholarship

64563-Health Professions Student Economic Emergency Fund