Our protocol for dispensing hearing aids involves the following steps:

  • A hearing evaluation - most medical insurances cover the cost of the hearing evaluation.  This appointment is for 90 minutes.
  • A hearing aid selection appointment - this appointment is also scheduled for 90 minutes.  At this appointment we discuss appropriate choices of hearing aids and also the cost of the aids.
  • A hearing aid fitting appointment which is also scheduled for 90 minutes.  At this time, the hearing aids are delivered and instruction is provided on how to operate them.
  • Follow-up appointments, as needed - most patients require at least 2 to 3 follow-up appointments for fine tuning as they adapt to the hearing aids.  Each follow-up appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes.

Some insurance policies cover the cost of hearing aids, others partially cover the cost and some insurance policies do not provide any coverage for hearing aids.  If you call to make an appointment (the number is 989-774-3904) you will be asked if you have insurance, and if so, what type and our billing staff can determine if your policy covers hearing aids.

It is important to note that we are a teaching clinic - all patient services provided involve doctoral level audiology students under the supervision of licensed audiologists.

Thanks for inquiring about our services.