Clinical Program Contacts

The Carls Center is a teaching clinic that provides education and clinical training for students in the graduate programs of Audiology, Clinical Psychology, Physicians Assistant, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. Services may be provided by students, who are supervised by licensed clinicians and faculty in accordance with their department's policies, professional accreditation standards and academic accreditation.

Appointment Scheduling

(989) 774-3904


Clinical Director - Nicole Hacker 989-774-3954
Hearing Aid Clinic - Nicole Hacker 989-774-3954
Hearing Aid Services - Barbara Jackson 989-774-3726
Cochlear Implant Program - Barbara Jackson 989-774-3726
Vestibular/Fall & Balance Diagnostics -
    Dawn Nelson
    Kate Glynn


Physical Therapy

Clinical Director, PT - Raju Chowdhary 989-774-2802
Orthopedic Clinic - Tim Zipple 989-774-6579


Clinical Director - Donna Ronan 989-774- 2284

Speech Language Pathology

Clinical Director - Jane Jack 989-774-7290
Accent Reduction - Jane Jack 989-774-7290
Aphasia Clinic - Laurie Bahlke 989-774-7289
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Clinic - Anne Ratcliff
Children's Summer Camp - Fred Hinebaugh 989-774-2551
Stuttering Clinic - Suzanne Woods 989-774-7296
Swallowing and Voice Disorder Diagnostics
and Treatment - Brad Swartz
Swallowing Disorders - Laurie Bahlke 989-546-5419
Traumatic Brain Injury Support - Kathryn Atkinson 989-774-7450

Carls Center