Physical therapists are health care professionals who address the needs of patients and clients by helping them restore, maintain, and attain optimal physical function. 

  • Fall & Balance Clinic - CMU's Fall and Balance Clinic focuses on fall prevention assessment and rehabilitation for balance disorders, as well as those with medical conditions that predispose them to risks for falling. Audiology and Physical Therapy clinicians work together to assess patients needs and develop an individualized care plan.
  • Orthopedic Clinic - Patients are evaluated to determine the source of their pain and dysfunction. In treating patients with general orthopedic diagnoses, some of the common conditions seen in this clinic include spinal probelms (involving the lower spine, middle back and neck) as well as sacral and pelvic pain. Patients are also seen for urinary/fecal incontinence, TMJ dysfunction and pre-/post- surgery rehabilitation (including joint replacement and ligament tear management). Treatments is also available for tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress disorders.
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