‚ÄčPhoto of Sarah Grinn

  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Department: Audiology
  • Campus Address:  Health Professions Building 2173
  • Phone:  (989) 774-7291
  • Email: sarah.grinn@cmich.edu
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Noise-induced hearing loss, Electrophysiology, External and Middle Ear Mechanics


AUD 744: Occupational and Recreational Hearing Conservation
AUD 731: Diagnostic Testing
AUD 643: Disorders of Hearing
CSD 331: Introduction to Audiology

Degrees and Universities:

B.A., Michigan State University, 2013
Au.D., The University of Florida, 2017
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Dallas, 2019

Research Area(s):

  • Auditory effects of isolated or frequent recreational noise insults sustained in normal hearing populations
  • Role of pre-cochlear amplification in noise-induced hearing loss vulnerability

Research Funding:

  • American Academy of Audiology New investigator Grant, 2018
  • Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Research Grant, 2018
  • National Hearing Conservation Student Research Grant, 2017
  • Susan and Jim Jerger Research in Audiology Fellowship, 2017

Professional Organizations:

National Hearing Conservation Association
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
American Academy of Audiology

Honors and Recognitions:

  • UT Dallas Ph.D. Student Research Presentation Travel Award - 2018 World Congress of Audiology
  • UT Dallas Ph.D. Student Research Presentation Travel Award - 2018 American Academy of Audiology Conference
  • ASHA Audiology and Hearing Science Research Travel Award - 2017 ASHA Convention
  • Future Leaders in Audiology Student Award - 2017 FLASC Conference
  • Todd H. Porter Student Poster Award - 2016 Texas Academy of Audiology Conference


  1. Grinn S.K., Le Prell C.G. (2019). Noise-dose Estimated With and Without Pre-cochlear Amplification. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (manuscript accepted).
  2. Grinn S.K., Wiseman K.B., Baker J.A., Le Prell C.G. (2017). Hidden Hearing Loss? No Effect of Common Recreational Noise Exposure on Cochlear Nerve Response Amplitude. Frontierin Neuroscience, 11:465. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2017.00465

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