• Position: Professor
  • Department: School of Health Sciences
  • Division: Exercise Science Division
  • Campus Address: Health Professions Building 1172
  • Phone: 989-774-1411
  • Email: zuhl1m@cmich.edu
  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Exercise physiology
    • Occupational physiology
    • Exercise for clinical populations
    • Cardiac rehabilitation
    • Mind-body therapies


HSC 310: ECG Assessment
HSC 551: Stress Testing Interpretation
HSC 632: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology

Degrees and Universities:

Bachelors, Integrated Management, Western Michigan University (2002)
Masters, Exercise Physiology, Western Michigan University (2007)
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, University of New Mexico (2012)

Research Areas:

Dr. Zuhl's recent research includes identifying and developing progressive exercise therapies for various clinical populations. This includes patients enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation programs; and, more recently those suffering from various behavioral disorders (e.g., substance use disorders, mood disorders). He has additional research experience in examining the physiological stress reponse to physical exertion (e.g. exercise) in various environmental conditions.

Peer-Reviewd Publications (most recent five):

Moriarty T, Bourbeau K, Bellovary B, Zuhl MN. Exercise Intensity Influences Prefrontal Cortex Oxygenation during Cognitive Testing. Behavioral Sciences. 2019;9(8):83.

James M Beverly, Ph.D., Micah N Zuhl, Ph.D., Jenna MB White, M.D., Erin R Beverly, M.S., Trisha A VanDusseldorp, Ph.D., James J McCormick, Ph.D., Jason D Williams, M.D., Jason R Beam, Ph.D., and Christine M Mermier, Ph.D. Harness suspension stress: physiological and safety assessment. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2019 Jan; 61(1): 35-40.

Roberto C Nava, B.S., Micah Zuhl, Ph.D., Kelsey Bourbeau, M.S., Terence Moriarty, M.S., Anna Welch, M.S., and Christine Mermier, Ph.D. The Effect of Acute Glutamine Supplementation on Markers of Inflammation and Fatigue During Consecutive Days of Simulated Wildland Firefighting. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2018 Nov 26.

O'Neil, S., Thomas, A., Moore, M., Pettit-Mee, R., Pelletier, K., Thompson, J., Nelson, R., & Zuhl, M. Exercise prescription techniques in cardiac rehabilitation centers across the Midwest states. Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiologists. 7(1): 8-14, 2018.

Lossing, A., Moore, M., and Zuhl, M. Dance as a treatment for neurological disorders. Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy. 2017 12(3): p. 170-184.