Paul Sung

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: Physical Therapy Department
  • Campus Address: Health Professions Building 1238
  • Office Hours: By appointment
  • Phone: 989-774-3136
  • Email:
  • PTH 635 Examination & Diagnosis I
  • PTH 646 Patient Care II
  • PTH 665 Seminar I

Degrees and Universities

Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) from University of St. Augustine, St. Augustine, FL.

Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy (Ph.D.) from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

Professional Organizations

American Physical Therapy Association

Michigan Physical Therapy Association

International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine


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Research Areas

Clinical biomechanics, Motion analysis, Non-operative spine care and its clinical application to neuromuscular control, Electromyography, Kinesiology, Balance assessment and Fall prevention strategies.