Roger Hammer

  • Position: Professor
  • Department: School of Health Sciences 
  • Division: Exercise Science Division
  • Campus Address: Health Professions Building 1176
  • Phone: 989-774-3949
  • Email:
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Exercise Physiology, Health Fitness


  • HSC 220: Basics in Health Fitness
  • HSC 308: Work Physiology
  • HSC 420: Health Fitness Assessment
  • HSC 421: Personal Training
  • Formerly or infrequently
  • HSC 211: Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • HSC 310: ECG Assessment
  • HSC 411: Pathophysiology
  • HSC 503: Health Implications of Obesity
  • HSC 534: Workshop in Principles of Cardiovascular Health and Disease
  • HSC 631: Physiology of Exercise
  • Courses Taught Outside the Department
  • JPN 101
  • JPN 102
  • JPN 201
  • JPN 202

Degrees and Universities

B.S., Brigham Young University
M.S., Brigham Young University
Ph.D., Brigham Young University

Professional Organizations

American College of Sports Medicine
Numerous outdoor conservation organizations


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