Taylor Brook
Taylor Brook

Watershed Outreach Coordinator at Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan
"I really enjoy my job and could not have accomplished this without my degree      from CMU."
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Shelby Foerg LT Shelby Foerg
Field Environmental Health Specialist at U.S. Public Health Service
"I quickly realized that not only was the range of jobs/careers expansive, but also that EH professionals are in high demand, and will continue to be for the                                           unforeseeable future. You could say that I got my cake and ate it too with both 
                           my interests and career lining up together in a field where it is difficult to be                                       unsuccessful."
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Kaylie HoganKaylie Hogan
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at Chrysler
"While working with FCA my top focuses have been risk reduction projects in relation to lacerations and PIVs (Powered Industrial Vehicle). I also have been                                   focusing on developing training for our staff that improves the quality of                                             identifying risks at our operations. Again, I love my job!" 
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Kayla WarrenKayla Warren
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at Tecomet
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