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This classroom is used primarily by the Atheltic Training Program. Located between the AT and PT laboratories this classroom provides over 1000 sq. ft. of space. The room accommodates a maximum of 40 students, and is fully mediated at the highest university standard with computer, Creston programmability, Internet access and wireless capability. Many athletic training classes are taught in this classroom.



Health Professions Building 1305 Ken Kopke and Ron Sendre Athletic Training Lab

This 1300 sq. is used exclusively by the Athletic Training Program for all clinical classes, open laboratory sessions, laboratory sessions associated with classes taught in HPB 1303, and staff meetings.  An assortment of audiovisual equipment (projector, VCR, overhead projector) and materials, a library, portable lap top computer, access to the internet, wireless environment, anatomical models, and therapeutic equipment.


 University Recreation Injury Care Center

The Injury Care Center is a working service due to the collaborative efforts of University Recreation, Student Health Services, and the Athletic Training Program at Central Michigan University.  The Injury Care Center provides athletic training services and education to the members of the  Student Activity Center which may include recreation, intramural and club sport athletes, the general student body involved in physical activity, and students in the performance arts such as Dance Orchesis and musicians in Central Michigan University's School of Music.  Athletic training students in the professional phase spend one semester assisting the staff of certified athletic trainers providing skills in injury prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate care, and treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning.


CMU Athletics Sports Medicine Facilities

Facilities_4.jpgAthletic training students spend three semesters working side-by-side with the CMU Athletics Sports Medicine Staff serving the needs of student-athletes.  Athletic training students experience the intercollegiate athletic setting at the NCAA Division I level.  Athletic training students will work in one of several athletic training rooms, interacting with a staff of certified athletic trainers, physicians, and physician assistant in practice and competition preparation, and the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses.