CSD Undergraduate Academic Advisor
  • Dr. Stephanie Richards
  • Office: Health Professions Building 2168.
  • Who should meet with Dr. Richards: current or future undergraduate students interested in majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.
  • Schedule your appointment online. If office hours don't work for you, email Dr. Richards or call 989-774-1415. 

CSD Department Chair
  • Dr. Mark Lehman
  • Location: Health Professions Building 2186.
  • Who should meet with Dr. Lehman: current or future undergraduate students interested in minoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders who are unable to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richards (especially during the summer).
  • To schedule an appointment, email Dr. Lehman.
AUD Division Director (current/future)
  • Dr. Michael Stewart/Dr. Shannon Palmer
  • Location: Health Professions Building 1183/2175.
  • Who should meet with Dr. Stewart or Dr. Palmer: current or future CSD minors interested in audiology.
  • To schedule an appointment, email Dr. Stewart or call 989-774-7301.
  • To schedule an appointment, email Dr. Palmer or call 989-774-7288.
CSD Study Abroad Advisor
  • Dr. Natalie Douglas
  • Location: Health Professions Building 1170.
  • Who should meet with Dr. Douglas: CSD students looking to engage in study abroad opportunities.
  • To schedule an appointment, please do so online.
CHP General Academic Advisors
  • Kelly Lawson and Linda Gillingham
  • Location: Health Professions Building 1250C and 1250D respectively.
  • Who should meet with Kelly or Linda: undergraduate students interested in pursuing a major or minor in the CHP.
  • To schedule an appointment with either Kelly or Linda, call 989-774-2315.
CHP Undergraduate Success Coach
  • Sydney Davis
  • Location: Health Professions Building 1250E.
  • Who should meet with Sydney: undergraduate students in the CHP.
  • To schedule an appointment with Sydney, call 989-774-2279.
Assistant Director, CHP Student Service Center
  • Sharon Livernois
  • Location: Health Professions Building 1250B.
  • Who should meet with Sharon: high school or potential transfer students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in Health Professions.
  • To schedule an appointment with Sharon, call 989-774-2315.

Honors Program Fellows - CHP

  • Dr. Rachel Nelson
  • Location: Health Professions Building 1175.
  • Who should meet with Dr. Nelson: Honors students in the CHP seeking more information about Honors capstone projects or needing help finding a faculty member to supervise an Honors capstone project.
  • To schedule an appointment, email Dr. Nelson or call 989-774-2926.