Current Students

Amanda Camp"The professors in the CSD program at CMU go above and beyond for their students. I know that I am getting the most out of every class because our professors have years of clinical and professional experience."
-Amanda Camp, Senior from Kingsford, MI

Emily Fabus"My favorite part of my undergrad education in the CSD major at CMU would be the diversity of my education due to an expansive network of educated professionals. All of the teachers and staff here at Central are well educated and inspired to spend time with students discussing experiences, studies, and research. Another one of the best parts of being involved in the CSD undergrad program at CMU is the people I get to meet and work with. I have so many intelligent and intuitive teachers and peers that I have met and who have helped me become a better student and hopefully a better future SLP. Everyone here is friendly, easy to work with, and brings something new to the table."
-Emily Fabus, Junior from Ashley, MI

Haley Mills"I believe the undergraduate program for Communication Sciences & Disorders is incredible! Through the coursework, I have had the opportunity to become a well-rounded student, learning about all types of communication disorders in people of all ages, from birth to death. One thing that stands out to me about this program is the opportunity to observe speech therapy and dysphagia sessions in the clinic. Additionally, undergraduate students often have an opportunity to be clinicians themselves through the clinical experience course. On top of coursework, I have had fantastic professors, who are always more than happy to help out and are incredibly knowledgeable about their fields. I have been fortunate enough to work on a research project with a professor, as well as work with children at the five-week Summer Specialty Camp that the CSD department puts on each year. There are so many opportunities for students to get to know their professors, work on research projects, and get involved, and I would highly recommend this undergraduate program to anyone interested in the field!"
-Haley Millis, Senior from Davison, MI

Audrey Nitzel"The Communication Sciences and Disorders program here is unmatched. The atmosphere at CMU, especially in the Health Professions Building, is a culture of respect and scholarship. Professors not only push their students to succeed, but they genuinely care for the students' well being. I found my second home here, and look forward to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist."
-Audrey Nitzel, Senior, Paw Paw, Michigan

Jenna White"The faculty and staff are always so willing to help and they truly made my undergrad experience amazing. I knew I always had someone to turn to or someone who would help me through any kind of situation I was in. They are all such amazing people! They make the content super interesting and relatable. My undergrad experience at CMU has been a very positive experience for me!"
-Jenna White, Senior from Ubly, MI


When asked why they chose to stay at CMU for graduate school, students said:

"My undergrad experience was incredibly positive."

"I LOVED CMU and would never give back my experiences for anything."

"I love it here. Everything Central has to offer is what I believe will make my career more successful."

"CMU is my choice because of the professors' dedication to student success, small class sizes, CMU feels like home, and their outstanding graduate program."

"I like the community, the program, Carls Center, and the professors."

"I love it here, feels like home and the professors/classes/clinics are incredible."

Other Alumni Quotes:

Emma Kosko"My undergraduate experience at Central Michigan University was PROFOUND. I learned so much from my coursework, the experiences of my professors, and the opportunity to be involved with the Carls Center. With this knowledge, I felt 100% prepared to walk into a graduate program and perform well in both Master's level classes and clinical experiences. I will forever be grateful to have been involved in the undergraduate CSD program, as I was able to find my passion in speech-language pathology."
-Emma Kosko, 2018 Graduate from Dearborn Heights

Hannah Miller"As a current CMU graduate student, I feel that CMU's CSD program adequately prepared me for graduate level coursework and provided the skills necessary to be a proficient graduate clinician. The professors in the CSD major are well renown in the field of speech-language pathology and being able to learn from their expertise was invaluable to me. There were ample opportunities to get involved on campus with research or student organizations, such as AFSLP that allows for great leadership, volunteer, and networking opportunities. I am proud to have been a part of CMU's CSD program and proud to continue my education as a Chippewa. FIRE UP!"
-Hannah Miller, 2017 Graduate from Sparta, MI