• NaeveVelguth_Susan_headshot.jpgPosition: Professor, ASL Division Director
  • Program: Audiology, ASL 
  • Campus Address: 2174 Health Professions Building
  • Phone: (989) 774-7292 (V)
  • Email: Susan.Naeve.Velguth@cmich.edu
  • Courses:
    ASL 101 (H) American Sign Language, Level I
    ASL 102 (H) American Sign Language, Level II
    ASL 510 American Sign Language Linguistics
    ASL 594 ASL in Elementary Education
    CDO 754 Pediatric Audiology
    CDO 763 Aud Rehab Considerations in Education
    CDO 853 Psychosocial Aspects of Hearing Loss 

Degrees and Universities

B.S. University of Minnesota 1986
M.A. University of Minnesota 1989
Ph.D. University of Minnesota 1995

Professional Organizations

Member, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Member, American Academy of Audiology


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Research Areas

Early identification and intervention for children with hearing loss; effects of childhood hearing loss on speech and language development; American Sign Language linguistics; Deaf Culture.

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