Core Graduate Courses

Year 1
Fall (14) Spring (14) Summer (8)
CDO720 Anataomy & Physiology
Underlying Neuro-otology
 CDO643 Disorders of Hearing                         
*CDO757 Geriatric Audiology
*CDO785 Auditory Processing Disorders      
CDO730 Experimental Studies in
Communication Disorders
CDO740 Neuroanatomy
CDO759  Introduction to
Practicum (2)
CDO731 Diagnostic Audiology CDO765 Cochlear Implant Devices
CDO752 Amplification for the
Hearing Impaired        
CDO771 Advanced Auditory Assessment  
CDO 759 Introduction to
Practicum (2)
CDO759 Introduction to
Practicum (2)
Year 2
Fall (12) Spring (15) Summer (6)
CDO754 Pediatric Audiology
CDO763 Audiological Rehabilitation
 Considerations In Education
CDO750 Advanced Hearing
CDO781 Electrophysiological
Techniques in Audiology
CDO773 Advanced Amplification
Fitting Strategies
CDO769 Intermediate
Practicum (3
CDO853 Psychosocial Aspects
of Hearing Loss
CDO782 Evaluation & Management
of Balance Disorders
CDO769 Intermediate
Practicum (3)
CDO764 Audiologic Rehabilitation 
for Adults
CDO769 Intermediate
Practicum (3)
Year 3
Fall (13) Spring (10) Summer (5)
CDO744 Occupational & Environmental
Hearing Conservation 
CDO863 Professional Issues in
the Practice of Audiology
CDO995 Clinical Residency (5)
CDO783 Advanced Electrophysiological
Techniques in Audiology
CDO898 Doctoral Project (3)
CDO898 Doctoral Project (3) CDO849 Advanced Practicum (4)
CDO849 Advanced Practicum (4)
Year 4
Fall (9) Spring (9)
CDO995 Clinical residency (9) CDO995 Clinical Residency (9)


Total Hours: 115

Course Work:                  All courses 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted in ()
                                              Clinic courses are bold.  

On/off Campus Clinic:      Two full days weekly while on campus.

Externships:                       Summer I, 1 week Hearing Aid Manufacturer
                                         Summer II, 10 week Private Practice/Medical Center

  *                                     Courses offered alternating years