• Position: Assistant Professor
  • Department: Audiology
  • Campus Address: Health Professions Building 2167
  • Phone: 989-774-4405
  • Email: zheng4y@cmich.edu
  • Courses:
    CDO 720 Anatomy and Physiology Underlying Neuro-Otology
    CDO 750 Advanced Hearing Science
    CDO 773 Advanced Amplification Fitting Strategies

Degrees and Universities:

M.D., Suzhou Medical College, China 1996
Sc.D., Montclair State University 2011

Professional Organizations:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Research Areas:

Cochlear implants, aural rehabilitation, amplification


Zheng, Y., Koehnke, J., & Besing, J. (accepted, 2016).  Effects of Reverberation on SOund Localization for Bilateral Cochlear Implant Users.  Journal of Phonetics and Audiology.

Zheng, Y., Skerlick, D., & Spitzer, J. (2012).  Long term effects of cochlear implantation on quality of life and perception of handicap.  Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology; 44, 41-52.

Zheng, Y., Koehnke, J., Besing, J., & Spitzer, J. (2011). Effects of Noise and Reverberation on Virtual Sound Localization for Listeners with Bilateral Cochlear Implants. Ear & Hearing, 32, 569-572.

Xu, L., & Zheng, Y. (2007).  Spectral and temporal cues for phoneme recognition in noise.  Journal of the Acoustic Society of America, 122, 1758-1764.

Honors and Recognitions:

Nomination for Faculty Excellence Exhibition, Central Michigan University, 2015

Mentored Doctoral Student Award from National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), 2011

Resident and Graduate Student Poster Session grant from the National Institute of Health and the American Auditory Society, 2011

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 2010 Audiology/Hearing Science Research Travel Award, 2010

Mentored Doctoral Student Research Poster Session grant from the National Institute of Health and the American Auditory Society, 2010

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 2009 Student Research Grant in Audiology, 2009

Ohio University Dean of Student Citation, 2006

Peter W. Jusczyk Memorial Fellowship, 2005