• Position: Department Chair, Professor
  • Department: Speech-Language Pathology
  • Campus Address: 2173 Health Professions Building
  • Phone: 989-774-7293
  • Email: lehma1me@cmich.edu
  • Courses: CDO 278 Descriptive Phonetics CDO 463 Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics CDO 730 Experimental Studies in Communication Disorders
    CDO 734 Acoustic Phonetics

Degrees and Universities

A.B. University of Michigan 1979
A.M. University of Michigan 1981
Ph.D. University of Michigan 1988

Professional Organizations

Michigan Speech-Language Hearing Association
American Speech-Language Hearing Association


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Research Areas

Speech science; dysarthria; speech perception; voice; speech physiology; speech naturalness; speech acoustics; statistics and research design.