The Master of Public Health (MPH) program is a widely recognized professional credential for those seeking leadership and managerial positions in governmental, nonprofit, and private organizations in Public Health.

Faculty in the MPH program at CMU are committed public health professionals with broad and diverse national and international experiences in public health. They are recognized among their peers with awards and responsibilities on editorial boards and within professional organizations.

They take their job of preparing the next generation of public health professionals very seriously.

Through a rigorous curriculum, research, and culminating experiences, the MPH program at CMU prepares students to manage and lead public health organizations and/or design culturally-responsive behavioral and social interventions to address health challenges affecting rural and underserved populations across the state, country, and globally. Our students gain a skills-based education to become leaders in their fields of specialization.

The field of public health is increasingly becoming a vital part of our daily lives. Public health practitioners make a difference in people's lives by researching and controlling the spread of diseases, running awareness campaigns and advising community members or setting policies to improve population health. We are thrilled to prepare our students for a rewarding career.



Healthy people in healthy communities.

The mission of CMU's Public Health Programs is to promote and protect the health of rural and underserved communities in Michigan, the nation, and the world through education, research, and service.


Excellence: Expecting that all activities are conducted with attention to quality and the highest levels of academic and professional standards.

Innovation: Supporting progressive and meaningful research, creative activity, and teaching, addressing challenges and issues from multiple perspectives to solve problems and advance knowledge.

Equity: Committing to the fundamental fairness or a healthy world through the promotion of policy and social environment that allows individuals to attain complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Cultural Humility: Fostering a lifelong awareness of respect, compassion, inclusiveness, and social responsibility for others.

Learner-Centered: Providing a collegial, stimulating, and supportive environment to foster individual and professional development.


Goal I: Education

Provide innovative and stimulating environments to prepare learners with knowledge and skills to address the core functions of public health in rural and underserved communities in Michigan, the nation, and the world.

Goal II: Research

Conduct and disseminate relevant and collaborative research that advances public health knowledge and promotes population health and health equity in rural and underserved communities.

Goal III: Service

Engage faculty, learners, and community partners in collaborative service with cultural humility to leverage their capacity to improve health in rural and underserved populations.

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