​Required Courses I (13 hours)

  • BIO 590 (3) Cardiovascular Physiology
  • HSC 631/PES 631 (4) Physiology of Exercise
  • HSC 670/PES 670 (3) Research Methods for Health, Physical Education and Sport, Health and Recreation
  • PES 606 (3) Motor Learning and Human Performance

Required Courses II (3 hours)
Select one of the following

  • HSC 544 (3) Biostatistics
  • PES 672 (3) Statistics for Physical Education and Sport, Health and Recreation

Required Courses III (3-6 hours)

  • PES 691 (3) Independent Study
  • PES 698 (1-6) Thesis

Electives (8-11 hours)
Select hours in consultation with an advisor.

Total:  30 semester hours

Additional Requirements

  1. An oral examination in the field of specialization may be given at the discretion of the department.  The department reserves the right to administer a comprehensive examination after the completion of approximately 20 hours of course work as a tool to secure information to be used in counseling the student toward the completion of the selected program.
  2. Students must consult with an advisor prior to taking a 500 level course.
  3. Students must present 15 or more semester hours of classes at or above 600 level for this degree.
  4. A maximum of six hours of credit in practicum, field study, and internship courses may be applied toward the completion of this degree program.