If you enjoy sharing health information and working with young people, consider teaching health in the school systems.  The school health education program at CMU will prepare you to become certified to teach in grades kindergarten through 12.  You may teach students a variety of topics such as nutrition, personal growth, substance abuse prevention, first aid, environmental health, physical fitness, human sexuality, and disease prevention and control.

For complete pre-admission requirements and coursework, please see the current undergraduate bulletin.  https://bulleti​ns.cmich.edu/default.asp

School Health Education symbol.png I went into Health Education because I saw it as something that is practiced all through out life. You forget some math, history, and science over time (if you're not in that field). But it's hard to forget that hands should be washed, fast food can be bad for you, smoking causes cancer, etc. Decision making skills, values, and morals can be made in class as well. I also saw the rise in STIs, teen pregnancy, and drug use; I would like to help make a difference and change that."
- Dylan Hovis