Caitlin Kreutzberg"I chose CMU to pursue my MHA because I recognize the high-quality and focus this program has to offer. I am currently in a full-time career and wanted to continue my education, but didn't have the time to enroll in a traditional master's program. I love that CMU now offers an online MHA; it gives me the flexibility to work full time as well as further my education. I feel that the 8-week accelerated courses are a nice way to focus on one area at a time and dedicate all my attention on a class-by-class basis. I am very excited about the upcoming opportunity to travel to Alaska for one of our courses."
~Caitlin Kreutzberg, current MHA student 

Tomekia Blackmon-Web.jpg"I chose CMU MHA program because I have been working in the health/behavioral health care field for 19 years. I have had a wealth of experience on the direct care side and over the past three years, moved more on the managerial side. I felt that I still needed more insight on how to be an effective leader and help the organization as well as the staff and continue to meet the needs of the persons served. My friend was attending CMU in the MHA field and she told me about the program. I performed my research on the multiple programs CMU offers. The biggest thing that caught my attention was the Global Campus program. To be able to continue to work and attend school was my biggest challenge. However, that was all factored in and was my rationale behind choosing CMU's MHA program.

The instructors are very helpful. I really felt like I knew my first instructor because we had weekly chats, which made me feel like we were in a small group setting. The 8 week blocks are great. It makes you pace yourself and manage your time more efficiently. The course work has been challenging, yet rewarding. That is what graduate school is all about. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the MHA program thus far." 

 ~Tomekia Blackmon, current MHA student

Heather McGovern

"The Global MHA program at Central Michigan University has been a game-changer for me. As a busy full-time employee and a mom of two children under six, this program has been wonderful! The cohorts are amazing and promote a positive team learning environment. I have learned a lot about different facets of healthcare from the course materials as well as my fellow students. The instructors make themselves readily available and always willing to help. The ability to earn your Masters from home without sacrificing the quality of education makes this program an easy choice for anyone looking to advance their career."   

 ~Heather McGovern, current MHA student