In contrast to her arguably diminutive stature, Dr. Judy Chandler's contribution to theChandler Class 1.jpg Department of Physical Education and Sport (PES) and Central Michigan University nears monumental. With expertise in adapted and developmental physical education, Dr. Chandler primarily teaches courses in adapted physical education, motor development, and elementary methods. Her experience teaching in, and working with public schools has enabled her to periodically and adeptly cover courses in teaching methods and curriculum.  Above and beyond her teaching load, Dr. Chandler has served on stints as Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Pedagogy Division Director for the department.

Chandler Class 2.jpgCurrently a full professor at Central Michigan University, Dr. Chandler earned her doctorate at the University of Missouri. She has been a faculty member at CMU since 2001. Her professional experiences include faculty positions at Wichita State University and the University of Kansas and 15 years of public school teaching. She also served as a product consultant for Cramer Products' Research and Development in the Adapted Physical Education Sports Equipment Division. Her current lines of research are in screening children's physical activity, fitness, and nutrition patterns and advocating for children and youth with moderate to severe disabilities.

Dr. Chandler's unique and important contribution to the department extends beyond the classroom and is evidenced by her relationships with students outside of the classroom.  Her interest in the well-being of students and her compassionate demeanor draws students to her. This is evidenced by the aggregate of students who constantly frequent her office, by how quickly her stockpile of candies on her desk disappears, and by the number of graduates who maintain contact with her through her Facebook page.Chandler Class 3.jpg

As one of the senior statesmen in the Department, Dr. Chandler has been instrumental in reshaping the physical education teacher preparation program. Her contributions include a role in updating the curriculum, and selecting and hiring young junior faculty. She now sees her roles as continuing to be an advocate for students with disabilities, helping shape future physical educators, and mentoring junior faculty as they begin shaping their careers.