Our commitment here at CMU is to make a significant and lasting impact on the quality of life for all residents of Michigan and beyond. Our unique contribution comes in equipping individuals to reap the benefits of the right kinds and amounts of physical activity on overall well-being. We have three avenues we are traveling to that end. First, we can do that in part by preparing game-changing graduates entering the field of physical education and Ben Rollenhagen.jpghealth. Second, our faculty is conducting research projects in the areas of effective instruction, program effectiveness, technology in teaching, and facilitating cultural change. Our research helps us understand the best ways to facilitate learning so we can continue to help the practice of physical education evolve into what it needs to be. 

Finally, we know we need to be a resource to existing programs. We can do that by making our research findings available to school districts and practitioners, and offer to partner with them if they so choose. 

I am happy to inform you that our faculty will be well represented at the Shape Michigan Convention. This year's convention will be in Lansing, Michigan on October 26 through October 28.

Dr. Ray Allen and Brock Moore from Holt Public Schools will present how they are monitoring and documenting growth in students at the elementary level on Friday and Saturday. Brock will share how the assessment strategy they have adopted has influenced his teaching and his student's learning.

Ben Rollenhagen and Ray Allen, both from Central Michigan University, have completed two separate grants to create a cycling curriculum for schools. They partnered with Andy Pulling, a teacher from Portland High School to create instructional materials and pilot teacher training. This session will focus on what they learned about program advocacy in the community.

Mumford_Vince_Head.jpgDr. Vince Mumford a full professor in the field of sport management is sharing his expertise in sport leadership. His presentation will address critical issues facing leaders of Michigan high school sports.

Drs. Kevin Fisher and Rick Ferkel are partnering on a presentation on how to apply key principles of motor skill learning and assessment in a physical education program. In addition, Dr. Ferkel will present on how to integrate split-week programming to teach health-related fitness and a second presentation on teaching resistance training progressions at the secondary level.

Besides the presentations, our faculty will be in attendance throughout the week, and we will have an exhibition booth to assist in creating dialogue and discussing ways we can help create partnerships between the University and school districts across the state. Feel free to stop in and introduce yourself!