Meet the Faculty

Dr. Judy Chandler -  Judy Chandler has been a fixture at Central Michigan University since 2001. Her degree in adapted and developmental physical education and experience in schools make her an invaluable asset. Her open-door policy and student access to candy doesn't hurt either!

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Program Advocacy

PE Teacher Preparation Pass Rate - The quality of CMU's teacher preparation program is reflected in their student's pass rate on the teacher certification test. Check out the results from the 2016-2017 graduates.

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Latest Research

Latest Research Motor Skill Proficiency and Activity Levels - Can we predict how active a person will be at age 18 by their level of motor skill proficiency at age 12? It appears so. The benefits of regular bouts of physical activity at all ages is now undisputed. This study provided interesting insight on the importance of acquiring motor skills at a young age to helping prepare for students be physically active later in life.

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State of the Profession

New Physical Education Standards - Michigan's Department of Education has endorsed a new set of standards for physical education in Michigan. What do they look like, how have they changed, and what are the implications for programs across Michigan?

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Looking Forward to Shape Michigan Conference - CMU faculty will be well represented at the state convention on October 26 through October 28, with presentations on effective instruction, program advocacy, assessment and documenting growth, and effective leadership in sport programs.


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