We offer many different team and individual sports and activities. We even offer classes that combine these sports.  

PED 145: Fundamentals of Gymnastics

PED 164: Individual Sports
This class combines sports which are typically played alone or in pairs. Sports like badminton, racquetball, squash, pickle ball, billiards, bowling, table tennis, archery, disc golf, regular golf and even regular tennis are all possibilities.

PED 174: Team Sports
This class combines popular team sports classes commonly taught in the US. Classes include but are never limited to football, hockey, floor hockey, soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse. The types of classes change every year, but this is the best way to get instruction in as many sports as possible. This is a 16 week class for two credit hours. 

PED 179: Fundamentals of Floor Hockey

PED 363: Indoor Racket and Paddle Sports

Disclaimer: Course availability is subject to enrollment and may not be offered every semester. Check the current course search and registration for updated availability.