This major is a professional option for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of physical activity without pursuing a teaching option. Graduates will have the foundational knowledge to prepare for certifications as personal and strength trainers. The option also provides those in the teaching major who decide after time not to pursue a teaching degree.

Those who have become a Physical Activity Specialist:
  • Have a genuine interest in physical, emotional, and social health
  • Are able to combine interest and knowledge in fitness, sports, and games to developmental needs of persons of all ages
Who hires Physical Activity Specialists?
 Colleges & Universities
 Day Programs & Outpatient Services
 Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
 Hotels & Resorts
 Long-term Care & Assisted Living Facilities
 Municipal Government Departments
 Non-profit Organizations (such as Boys and  Girls Clubs)
 Private Community-based Agencies
 Recreational & Fitness Facilities
 Rehabilitation Centers

Types of Careers for a Physical Activity Specialist:
Athletic Coaching
Corporate Wellness
Personal Training
Physical Activity Director
Sport/Recreation Camps
Majors leave with the knowledge base that can lead them to certification in teaching physical education, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and others.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards
  1. Students seeking this major must successfully complete the Sport Skill Competency Assessment Program. This assessment program is competency based and required before enrolling in PES 315. Additional information concerning this program can be obtained from the departmental office.
  2. At least 15 hours of this major must be completed at CMU.
  3. Up to 3 hours may be taken as credit/no credit.

Core Courses (13 hours)

HSC 211 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 3(3-0)
PES 105 - Introduction to Physical Education and Skills Assessment 2(2-0)
PES 115 - Motor Development 2(2-0)
PES 186QR - Physical Fitness for Life 3(3-0)
PES 401 - Fundamentals of Motor Learning 3(3-0)

Required Courses for PAS Concentration (23 hours)
HSC 205 - Responding to Emergencies 2(1-2)
HDF 247 - Introduction to Gerontology 3(3-0)
PES 260 - Exercise Psychology 3(3-0)
PES 304 - Youth Sports 2(2-0)
PES 315 - Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education 2(2-0)
PES 330 - Movement Sciences 3(3-0)
PES 338 - Teaching Group Fitness 2(2-0)
PES 405 - Physical Education Peer - Tutor Teaching 2(1-1)
PES 490 - Practicum in Physical Education 3(Spec)

Suggested Electives (12 hours)
FNS 370 -Nutrition 3(3-0)
PES 224 - WSI 3(2-2)
PES 313 - Elementary Physical Education Methods and Materials 2(2-0)
PES 322 - Applied Skills and Methods - Team Sports 2(2-0)
PES 323 - Applied Skills and Methods - Individual and Team Sports 3(3-0)
PES 324 - Applied Skills and Methods - Rhythmic Activities 2(2-0)
PES 386 - Special Physical Education 3(3-0)
PES 406 - Evaluation in Physical Education and Sport 2(2-0)
RPL 218 - Teaching of Outdoor Skills 3(3-0)

Total: 48 semester hours

For additional questions, please contact the PES Department at 774-2026.