‚ÄčWhy Take Coaching Education Courses?

Here are three reasons why one of the smartest moves a current athletic coach OR someone looking to becoming a coach can make is to take professional development courses.Sports Team 

First, education and certifications are the first defenses against liability suits.  We live in an increasingly litigious society.  Today's coaches owe it to themselves to know what their responsibilities are as a coach and how to protect themselves against unwarranted lawsuits.  Courses in coaching education will sensitize coaches on potential issues and practices that will reduce the risk of liability.  Certifications also serve as a deterrence and defense against litigation.

Second, the art of coaching and the responsibilities of a coach are constantly evolving.  Today's coach needs to be well grounded in issues of liability, coaching psychology, public relations, fundraising, effective teaching, program evaluation and program promotion to name a few.  They need to stay on the cutting edge regarding innovative techniques, strategies, and conditioning.

Third, the field of coaching is extremely competitive.  Competition for coaching positions is intense.  Having a degree in athletic coaching appear clearly contributes to a coach's marketability.  Keeping a position once it has been obtained is at least as difficult.  All aspiring and current coaches are well advised to continue growing in their trade, and there is not a better way to do that than through high-quality coaching education programs.

Coach ReighardDid you know that Central Michigan University's Department of Physical Education and Sport offers a newly renovated coaching education program?  Students can earn a minor in athletic coaching, or take specific individual courses as a non-degree seeking student in subjects such as Athletic Nutrition and Conditioning, Sport First Aid and Emergencies, Program Evaluation and Psychology of Coaching.  A single course is also offered that qualifies students to become certified in the Michigan High School Association's Coaching Advancement Program.

Central Michigan University's program is aligned to meet the 40 National Coaching Education Standards.  CMU's faculty include individuals who have won championships at the high school and collegiate level, bringing their practical experiences and insight to the classroom.  The faculty also includes published researchers in the areas of sports psychology, anabolic steroid use, program analytics, coaching liability and effective coaching.

Finally, every single course in Central Michigan University's athletic coaching program is offered in face-to-face classroom settings as well as in online courses.  Those who find it best to learn in classroom settings and are able to attend campus can take courses in the traditional school semester format.  The courses are also provided in eight-week modules that allow coaches with the luxury of fitting their studies in around their hectic schedules without attending campus, or students the ability to sign up for classes without having to worry about time conflicts with other courses.