Meet the Faculty

Ben Rollenhagen, a faculty member and avid cyclist, brings expertise in athletic coaching, teaching methods and innovative use of technology to the teaching preparation program.

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Program Advocacy

CMU’s newly renovated Coaching Education Program is aligned with national standards and its online format makes courses available to anyone wanting to improve their coaching.

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Latest Research

Sixty minutes of what? A developing brain perspective for activating children with an integrative exercise approach.

Dr. Gregory Myer uses the latest research to posit that current recommendations for physical activity fails to consider the importance of motor skill acquisition in life!

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State of the Profession

In the future, this segment will be a place to discuss trends, challenges, and innovations in physical education as a profession.  Topics such as the emergence of online physical education programs, competition by outside entities for delivery of physical education, and the status and implications of the Michigan Department of Education’s latest attempt to combine Health and Physical Education into a single certification will be addressed.  We thought it appropriate to begin by synthesizing ShapeAmerica’s 2016 Report on the Shape of the Nation.

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Promoting a partnership between Central Michigan University’s Department of Physical Education and Sport and public school programs.  Let’s talk about the costs and benefits.


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