Pursue Your Passion!

From the first step on campus, you will notice the difference. Sport Management at CMU is designed for visionary leaders, for creative thinkers, for people who dream of changing the world, and for people who have the plan and the passion to make it happen.

The program is committed to preparing scholars and practitioners through a comprehensive program of graduate study addressing the ever-changing conditions and emerging issues within the sports industry and the world. Dedicated to the University's mission of providing excellence in teaching, research, and service, the Sport Management Program promotes a broad array of values, knowledge, and skills essential to renew and improve sport and education in the 21st Century.

Our mission is to help you change the world. This innovative program will host some of the top name leaders in the sport industry as speakers and is home to some of the finest scholars and professors. It builds and fosters close business connections and a friendly learning community. You get all of this in a vibrant and dynamic location -- Michigan!

Our sport management degree isn't just a credential. It is a step toward making a difference in the world, no matter what your area of focus. Our alumni are making a major impact on the sports profession, and they are finding innovative ways to redefine their teams and organizations.

Students with initiative and drive will have countless opportunities to enhance their career and improve the world. The opportunities are even greater with the state of Michigan as the backdrop---a state with many of the finest sport opportunities in the world

Find out more about our Sport Management Program at http://sportsmanagement.cmich.edu