‚ÄčThe Section on Education is now the Academy of Physical Therapy Education . . . Check out their recently updated website.

The Academy of Physical Education's mission is as follows:
"To inspire all PTs and PTAs in their roles as educators and to enhance the development and implementation of evidenced-based education practices."

The American Council of Physical Therapy Education (ACAPT) updated terminology related to Clinical Education based on feedback from the 2014 Clinical Education Summit. A glossary of terms was developed and accepted. Two of the terms updated include the following:

Site Coordinator of Clinical Education (SCCE) replaces Clinical Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE).
While the role of the SCCE has not changed, it is believed the newer terminology is more in line with the direction set by the ACAPT, specifically recognition of the "clinical site" rather than a "center." Sites may be hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation settings, home care, or a school system.

Clinical Education Experience replaces clinical internships.
Clinical educational experiences are part of a professional curriculum and include formal student assessment. Because entry-level clinical education experiences are not compensated, it is no longer correct for educational programs to use the terminology "internship" per the federal labor laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Please see the ACAPT Physical Therapist Clinical Education Glossary for more information.

March 1 is the Voluntary Uniform Mailing Date, implemented in 1999, to ensure that the load of the Site Coordinators of Clinical Education (SCCE) was eased and sets forth an agreement that universities voluntarily agree to mail out placement requests for the subsequent year between March 1 and March 15 with a requested date of not earlier than April 30. CMU voluntarily abides by this mailing date and requests return of requests for May 1.

The Academy of Physical Therapy Education Special Interest Group for Clinical Education has a position statement that CMU adheres to stating all initiation of contact with sites for the purpose of student clinical education placements/partnership development must come from the school (CMU) and shall not be initiated by a student. CMU students risk losing opportunity for placement at sites if they initiate contact for the purpose of an initial placement. Students can suggest sites for potential partnerships, but they should not discuss placement arrangements on their own.

CMU has three cohorts of students at any one time - 48 students on average are located at the Mt. Pleasant campus and 12 students are located in Houghton, Michigan at our program on the campus of Michigan Tech University. Students are one cohort at two locations taught through very sophisticated hi-tech, live connections! We have faculty at both campus locations. Outcomes assessment show no difference in student learning or performance in the classroom, during clinical experiences, nor on the NPTE examination.