‚ÄčThis is the first issue of what we hope will be a semi-annual Clinical Education Newsletter from Central Michigan University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Clinical Education Team. We have over 300 clinical education partners with most in Michigan or the contiguous states, but several across the country. Many of you have been partners with our program since its inception and others have recently joined with us to provide clinical education for our students. For those who have been with us for some time, information in this inaugural newsletter may not be new. For our new partners, we hope this newsletter will provide you with a bigger picture of who we are. Our point of contact for the newsletter will be the Site Coordinator of Clinical Education (SCCE) on record in our database. We would kindly request and encourage the SCCE to disseminate this to all clinicians, but in particular those clinicians who serve as Clinical Instructors for our students. Thank you up front for assisting in sharing this with your staff.

One thing that we are cognizant of, and have been for some time, is the lag that occurs between discussions at the national, state, and university levels regarding issues pertinent to clinical education and the time it takes to reach our clinical partners. There is often less opportunity to share issues that clinicians face on a day-to-day basis related to the role of educating students. One purpose of the newsletter will be to pass on information from the APTA, Academy of Education, the national and state Clinical Education Special Interest Groups/Consortium, and the National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE) and any other relevant agencies. We encourage you to share concerns that you identify with us as well so that we can have a two-way dialogue.

A second purpose of the newsletter is to share information about our program - in particular our clinical education program. We would like to use this to communicate policy and procedure changes, curriculum changes, assessment strategies and methods, as well as discuss how policies in healthcare impact students, clinical instructors, and clinical education.

Finally, we would like to use the newsletter to provide resources to enhance the instructional value and role of our partnering clinical instructors. We would invite SCCEs and CIs with resources they feel would enhance our students' experiences or those of other clinical education partners to share them with us as well. We certainly see our clinical education component of the Program as a partnership.

From our entire team of clinical and academic faculty, we thank you for all you do to enhance our students learning!


Karen E.H. Grossnickle, PT, DHSc
Director of Clinical Education