Clinical Education Advisory Panel

Statement of Purpose

  • The Clinical Education Advisory Panel is an advisory/consultative body that meets on an annual or biennial basis to:
  • Identify and discuss clinical education issues of importance to the physical therapy profession in general and the CMU Program in Physical Therapy in particular;
  • Assist in the review and evaluation of the design and implementation of the physical therapy clinical education program at CMU;
  • Offer advice and make recommendations to CMU faculty regarding the clinical education program.

Panel Membership:

The Clinical Education Advisory Panel will be comprised of 11-14 individuals as follows:

Current Faculty Members:                                                      Representing:
                                                                                                       (Agency type; Patient Population(s)
                                                                                                        Geographic Region)

Marissa Demers, PT, DPT, GCS, SCCE                                     Teaching Hospital- VA
Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Health Care System                   Health System; Acute Care, Rehab &
Department of Physical Therapy                                              LTC; Southeastern Michigan

Linda Erickson, PT, M.S., OMPT, SCCE                                    Private Practice; Manual Therapy
Oakland Physical Therapy                                                         OP & Musculoskeletal; Southeastern

Kirk Randall, PT, SCCE                                                               Rehabilitation Hospital;
Mary Free Bed Outpatient Therapy Center                            Neurologic Rehabilitation (Adults &
Department of Physical Therapy                                              Pediatrics); West Michigan

Karen Reyhl, PT, SCCE                                                               Teaching Hospital/Health System
Munson Medical Center                                                            Acute Care & Rehab; Northern
Department of Physical Therapy                                             Michigan

Elizabeth Ann Rowe, PT, SCCE                                                Home Health; Geriatrics; Med-Surg;
MidMichigan Home Care                                                         Pediatrics; East-Central Michigan
3007 North Saginaw Road

Heather Staal, PT, CBIS, SCCE                                                 Subacute Rehab and LTC;
Spectrum Health Rehab and Nursing Services                    Geriatric & Neuro-rehab;
Department of Physical Therapy                                            West Michigan

Stacy Schultz, PT, SCCE                                                            School Systems; Pediatrics;
Physical Therapy                                                                        East Central Michigan
Midland County Educational Service Agency

Jorgeann Koenig, PT, DPT, SCCE                                            Rehab Hospital; SNF; Geriatrics;
Eaton County Health and Rehabilitation Services              Southwest Michigan
Healing & Recovery Center

Abageal McGee, PT, SCCE                                                      Teaching Hospital, Acute Inpatient;
Sparrow Hospital -- Inpatient                                                Central Lower Michigan
Physical Therapy Department

CMU Academic Faculty & Staff

Karen Grossnickle, PT, M.S., DHSc                                        Rural Community Hospital;
Director of Clinical Education                                                 Women's Health;
Regional Clinical Coordinator -- East Central Region        Central Michigan

Caroline Gwaltney, PT, DPT, CWS                                         Upper Peninsula,
Regional Clinical Coordinator -- Upper Peninsula              Michigan

Linda Hall, PT, M.S., DPT, SCCE                                              Teaching Hospital -- DMC;
Regional Clinical Coordinator -- Southeast Region            Acute Care, Southeast Michigan

Kristin VanderArk, PT, M.S., NCS                                           Subacute Rehab and LTC;
Regional Clinical Coordinator -- Southwest Region          Geriatric & Neuro-rehab; Southwest

Debbie Silkwood-Sherer, PT, DHSc, HPCS
Director, Program in Physical Therapy

Mary Smith, B.S.
Senior Office Specialist
Assistant to the Director of Clinical Education