​Course​CMU PT Equivalent
SPMD 201- Human Anatomy for Sports Medicine and lab OR BIO 251 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I (must also take BIO 252)
BIO 326 OR SPMD 202 - Human Physiology for Sports Medicine and lab OR BIO 252 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (must also take BIO 251)
​PHED 300 - Physiology of Exercise​Physiology of Sport and Exercise
CHEM 121 - General Chemistry I (must include a lab) Intro to Chemistry I
CHEM 123 - General Chemistry II (must include a lab) Intro to Chemistry II
PSY 101 - General Psychology Intro to Psychology
EDPS 325 - Life Span Human Growth/Dev. Developmental Psychology
PSY 360 - Abnormal Psychology Other Psychology (9 credits or equivalent total needed)
PHY 221 - Mechanics of Sound & Heat College Physics
PHY 222 - Electricity & Light College Physics II
MTH 107 - Plane trigonometry Mathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MTH 170 - Elementary Statistics or PHED 505 - Basic Statistics in Physical Education


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