​Course​CMU PT Equivalent
BL 2010/2011 - Principles Anatomy-Physiology I Human Anatomy
BL 2020/2021 - Principles Anatomy-Physiology II Human Physiology
EH 4210 - Exercise Physiology​Physiology of Sport and Exercise

CH 1150/1151 - University Chemistry I


CH 1160/1161 - University Chemistry II

Intro to Chemistry I and II
PSY 2000 - Principles of Psychology Intro to Psychology
PSY 2300 - Developmental Psychology Developmental Psychology
PSY 2400 - Health Psychology Other Psychology Option (9 credits or equivalent total needed)
PH 1110/1100 - College Physics I and lab
College Physics I
PH 1240/1200 - College Physics II and lab
College Physics II
MA 1032 - Data, Functions &Graphs Plus Mathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MA 2720 - Statistical Methods or BL 4470 - Analysis of Biological Data Statistics or Biological Statistics
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