Michigan Tech Partnership Information

General information

Central Michigan University (CMU) is collaborating with Michigan Technological University (MTU) to offer the Central Michigan University Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) degree through an interactive distance-learning format on the campus of MTU.   We plan to begin the first class of students in May of 2014.


Pending the receipt of the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) approval, the planned starting date for the program is May 19, 2014.   A cohort of 12 students will be admitted to the program site on the campus of MTU in Houghton, Michigan.   The students admitted into the cohort on the MTU campus will take the first summer of classes at Central Michigan University but the remainder of classes will be taken through a distance-learning format at a dedicated site on the campus of Michigan Tech University.  


The students enrolled in this program will receive their DPT degree from Central Michigan University.   The lectures and the laboratory experiences will be presented on the CMU campus by CMU faculty and transmitted in real time to MTU through interactive distance learning technology.   CMU will also have physical therapy faculty members at the MTU site to coordinate the clinical program and to supervise the physical therapy labs offered at MTU.


Admission policy

The policies for recruitment and admission will be the same as for the existing program.   Students applying to the extension program will be admitted to the program following the same evaluation and selection procedures as the students in the existing program. 


The program has been using PTCAS for the past 5 years for student admissions.  This process is the same for all students applying to the program.


The only difference is that with the addition of the MTU site, students applying to the CMU DPT program are now given the option to identify their preference for either of the sites.  They are also given the option to be considered for only one of the locations.  The procedure  followed for all students is:



1. ​All students will be evaluated using the same criteria and assigned a point total.  

       2. Students will be ranked in the order of their point totals.  

       3. Students will be offered positions in the program in the order of their point totals. 

       4. Students who indicate a preference will be placed at those locations if positions are available when we reach their ranked position on the list of applicants, but will be granted a position at the other site if their preferred site is full but positions remain open at the other location.

       5. Students who indicate that they wish to be considered for only one site will then be granted a position at that site if a position at that location is available when their ranked position on the applicant list is reached.   They will not be offered a position at the other site even if positions at that location remain available.



The deadline for application to the program is October 1, 2013. 


Applications for the  DPT program at CMU  will be evaluated in October and November with decisions being made in November, December, and January. 


If an interview is granted, it will take place in January.


Pending final CAPTE approval, the timeline for admission decisions for students requesting the Michigan Tech site will be the same as for students preferring the CMU site.  The final CAPTE decision is expected in November. ​ ​