​Course​CMU PT Equivalent
BIOL 232 - Anatomy & Physiology I (must also take BIOL 233 and 233L) Anatomy
BIOL 233 and 233L - Anatomy & Physiology II (must also take BIOL 232) Physiology
​KINE 376 - Exercise Physiology (must also take the lab - KINE 376L)​Physiology of Sport and Exercise
CHEM 111/111L - General Chemistry Lecture I Intro to Chemistry I
CHEM 112/112L  - General Chemistry Lecture II Intro to Chemistry II
PSYC 100 - General Psychology Intro to Psychology
PSYC 410 - Life Span Human Development OR PSYC 210 - Applications in Human Development Developmental Psychology
PSY 372 - Abnormal Psychology Other Psychology (9 credits or equivalent total needed)
PHYS 111 - General Physics I College Physics I
PHYS 112 - General Physics II College Physics II
MATH 140 - Intro to Math Analysis (Trig and Pre-Calc) Mathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MATH 132A - General Statistics OR MATH 132B - Biostatistics Statistics
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