CourseCMU PT Equivalent
No matchAnatomy
BIO 573 - Mammalogy
Mammalian Physiology
​PE 357 - Physiology of Exercise
​Physiology of Sport and Exercise
CHM 1220 AND 1230 - General Chemistry (lecture and lab)
Survey of Chemistry and Introductory Chemistry Lab
CHM 1030 - Survey of Organic Biochemistry
Survey of Organic Chemistry
PSY 101 - Introductory Psychology Intro to Psychology
PSY 240 - Developmental Psychology Developmental Psychology
PSY 331 - Abnormal PsychologyOther Psychology (9 credits or equivalent total needed)

PHY 2130/2131 - General Physics I


PHY 2175 - General Physics I (must include lecture and lab)

College Physics I

PHY 2140/2141 - General Physics II


PHY 2185 - General Physics II (must include lecture and lab)

College Physics II
MAT 180 - FunctionsMathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MAT 221 - Elementary Probability and StatisticsStatistics
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