The space allocated to the PT Program is located in the Health Professions Building (HPB). The HPB was opened in 2003 as a state of the art facility for the education of health professionals. The teaching and laboratory space and the technology infrastructure were designed specifically to accommodate health professions education. Two members of the PT faculty were on the building planning committee to design the space for PT. The HPB is located in the northeast corner of the campus. This location provides students with easy access to the Park Library and the Bovee University Center. The current space allocated to the program is ideal for the current needs in terms of teaching and research. The location allows students and faculty easy access to all needed academic services. The office, teaching and research space are also appropriate in size for the projected needs of the program in the short term. Current classroom and laboratory space are accessible to students and patients with disabilities. The university administration has made a commitment to meet ADA guidelines as stated in the ADA Handbook for Faculty.

All equipment and space is kept in good repair with regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning.​



 All of the classes in the program are taught in one of seven classrooms within the HPB.  Each of these classrooms accommodates between 50 and 80 students, are high technology classrooms with computer access, internet access at the podium, and are equipped with multiple plasma screens for viewing the material used in presentations. The classrooms are all wired and prepared for the video recording of lectures and multimedia presentations. The educational technology in the classrooms is cutting edge and upgraded on a regular schedule to maintain its currency. The access to high-end educational technology is one of the strengths of the program. The technical support staff for educational technology is also excellent.

Teaching Laboratory Space:


The program has two teaching labs. These labs were designed to be PT laboratory space and were organized to meet the needs of the PT curriculum.

The primary teaching lab is 2105 square feet with 12 treatment areas and a center demonstration platform. The lab was designed to accommodate 24 students. The attached lab has a podium with internet and computer access and a screen for presentations. It is a fully mediated teaching lab. Electrical power and plumbing were designed and are appropriate to address the teaching needs. The primary teaching lab has a 104 square foot storage closet for equipment. This lab is an excellent facility for PT education.

The second teaching lab is 998 square feet with 5 treatment areas and was designed to accommodate 8-12 students as a practice and special purpose lab. It is utilized in classes like Mock Clinic and for practical examinations. Students also use it as a practice lab when the primary lab is occupied. There is a 60 square foot storage closet. This lab has been ideal for the special purposes and student practice activities that it was designed for.

Both labs are available to the students during any time that it is not being utilized for other assigned classroom activities. During most periods of the day one of the labs are available to the students. Students have access through their fobs to the HPB and the physical therapy labs at any time during the day or night.

Research Laboratory:

The program has one 927 square foot research lab designated as the Biomechanics lab. This is a very functional research lab that has motion and gait analysis equipment, computer stations and software for projects/data analysis, and a variety of strength testing equipment. There is also a NeuroCom BalanceMaster unit for balance assessment in an adjacent attached room that is used for vestibular and balance research. The program also has access to an attached 243 square foot motor learning lab that is shared with other units. The program has additional clinical space, a 774 square foot physical therapy clinic and a 295 square foot adaptive living lab, that can be used for clinical research.

The program also has access to a 2000 square foot Human Performance Laboratory. This lab is designated to the Exercise Science Program, but is available for research projects by other departments. This lab contains extensive cardiovascular testing equipment and a variety of health fitness apparatus. The current research facilities have been adequate to meet the needs of the faculty and students to this point. However, the faculty is rapidly outgrowing the space that is designated for physical therapy research and we will need to identify additional space for research in the future as our faculty and research agendas expand.