Our goals for the program are divided into 3 components: (1) Goals for the overall Program, (2) Goals related to the Program faculty, and (3) Goals related to our students/graduates.


Goals related to the overall program


The program will:


1. Provide an educational environment that reflects the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Vision 2020 and the core values of the physical therapy profession as described in Professionalism in Physical Therapy: Core Values.



2. Provide students with the skills and knowledge to become entry-level physical therapist practitioners who meet the physical therapy needs of clients in an evolving health care environment.



3. Develop and sustain the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the mission of the program and achieve the educational, scholarship and service aims of the program.



Goals related to the faculty


The program faculty will:


4. Serve as role models and mentors who emulate the core values of the physical therapy profession.



5. Strive for teaching excellence to advance the learning of their students by providing optimal resources and learning experiences for students.



6. Engage in scholarly activity that contributes to the body of knowledge in physical therapy practice and education.



7. Collectively engage in service to the profession, community and university.



Goals related to program students/graduates:


Our students/graduates will:


8. Embrace and enact the core values of the profession: accountability, altruism, caring and compassion, excellence, integrity, professional duty and social responsibility.



9. Be knowledgeable, skillful, reflective practitioners who make sound clinical decisions and practice legally and ethically.



10. Seek out and apply current evidence and theory to support clinical practice and be capable of engaging in scholarship to advance the body of knowledge in physical therapy.



11. Engage in service activities that promote the wellbeing of their patients and contribute to the advancement of their community and the profession.