Important Dates and Information for the Incoming Class of 2016


** If you are granted a waiver for a class, 

be sure to drop the class by

the specified date to receive

full refund of your tuition**


Fall 2013 Registration:

·         Phase I – March 25 – July 19

·         Phase II (drop/add) – August 19-30

·         Please note that you are guaranteed a seat in all DPT classes.  If you have any problems with registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 989-774-3261.  You will also need to submit official confirmation of your Bachelor Degree via your transcripts to the College of Graduate Studies, if you are not a CMU student, to remove their hold on your account to register for fall classes.

Spring 2014 Registration:

·       Phase I – October 14 - November 17

·       Phase II (Drop/Adds) – January 6-17

Summer 2014 Registration:

· Phase I – March 3 – April 18

· Phase II (drop/add) – May 12-20

· Please note that you are guaranteed a seat in all DPT classes. However, there is a possibility of classes filling up, and if this happens you will need to get a bump card from the program secretary.

· Registration is done on-line through the CMU Portal - iCentral.


**For the next Class coming in (Class 2017)

· You must pay the College of Graduate Studies (GS) a $25 Orientation fee before you are allowed to register for summer semester. GS puts a hold on your account until this fee is paid.



***Registration Instructions***


College of Graduate Studies Staffing:

Student files are handled by our specialist clerks according to the alphabet.  Our specialist clerks work with students from these portions of the alphabet from application through graduation.

A-C Marisa Ouillette​ ​989-774-7352
E-G Becky Lawrence ​989-774-2796
​H-M ​ Lindsay Garbutt 989-774-​4416
D & N-S ​Julie Bloom 989-774-​7351
T-Z ​Amy Courter 989-774-​1804



Graduate Student Orientation and Graduate Assistant Training

Graduate Studies Orientation and Graduate Assistant Training are both online.  Students are now able to complete their orientation online at their convenience and pay their orientation fee enabling them to register for classes quicker.  Graduate Assistants will be able to complete the online training program at their convenience and record their global id so they get credit for completion of the training.  Teaching and Administrative GA’s will be required to attend a one-hour session to facilitate their membership in the Graduate Student Union.  More information on that session will follow later.