A PA's practice may also include education, assisting in surgery, research and administration.  PAs practice in a variety of healthcare settings – hospitals, clinics, urgent care settings, long-term care facilities, and in the community.  PA clinicians are also recruited by the government (including the military and armed forces), health departments, colleges and universities.  In the state of Michigan, “Any qualified person employed as a Physician's Assistant who provides medical care services under the supervision of a licensed physician must be licensed with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Health Care Services, Task Force on Physician's Assistants; 517-335-0918” (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, September 2013).  To learn more about PAs practicing in Michigan and their scope of practice, please visit the ​Michigan Academy of Ph​ysician Assistant (MAPA) website and access the “About PAs” tab. ​​