Physician Assistant (PA)

The mission of the Central Michigan University Physician Assistant program is to produce well-educated and highly-trained Physician Assistants who provide evidence-based medical services within the interdisciplinary primary care environment, with an emphasis on diversity and service to medically underserved populations in rural or urban communities.


The Central Michigan University Physician Assistant program will:

  1. Provide graduates with the requisite fund of medical knowledge to provide evidence-based medical care in all settings.
  2. Provide the graduate with the clinical skills necessary to provide competent medical care.
  3. Provide the graduate with the skills necessary to demonstrate competence in oral and written communication skills.
  4. Educate the graduate on the basics of critical appraisal of the literature and life-long learning.
  5. Inculcate in each graduate professionalism as demonstrated by respectful, compassionate, and responsive interactions with patients, peers, and supervisors.
  6. Reinforce collaborative learning and working styles necessary to work within the interdisciplinary health care environment.
  7. Assist the graduate in developing critical thinking and clinical-reasoning skills.

How we meet our mission and goals:

  • Forty-two percent of our 2014 graduates are working in primary care practices in Michigan (national average 32%)
  • Thirty-seven percent are employed in underserved areas of Michigan
  • A 0% withdrawal rate from the program (2013 national rate 2.4%)
  • A deceleration rate of 0.08% (2013 national rate 3.5%)

  • A preceptor preparedness for clinical rotations rating of "prepared beyond expectations​" for the Class of 2014
  • ​A 91% rating of clinical performance from our clerkship preceptors
  • An on-time graduation rate of 97.6% (2013 national rate 93.5%)
  • A 96.6% first-time pass rate on the National Certifying Examination (National rate in 2014 was 95%)
  • Participation in state, regional, and local interprofessional education activities

[Revised July 2015]