The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the cost of a student's graduate education for an academic year, as calculated by the Central Michigan University’s PA Program.  It takes into account tuition and fees, as well as estimated costs relating to books, supplies, room and board, personal expenses and transportation costs.

The COA covers expenses for only the period of enrollment when you are an active student.  Periods of continuous non-enrollment are not included and are not funded. 
Your financial aid is based on the cost of education, a standard allowance, and not on your preferences and spending habits.  Please be advised, given that most first-year students are enrolled for 15 months, a supplemental summer application for financial aid will be required.  Please be advised that the cost of education does not include consumer debts (such as car payments, bank loans, or credit card obligations) which students may have established prior to entering the PA Program graduate studies.  Students should try to eliminate previous debts before beginning their PA Program studies.

Married students and/or students with dependents should note that federal regulations stipulate that your budget for the year only includes living expenses solely for you. The expectation is that the living expenses of your spouse and dependents will be met through spouse’s earnings.  (In exceptional circumstances, students may apply to receive additional funds for child day care costs and for certain other expenses. Students will be required to provide documentation for any exceptional circumstances.)​