A Strong Community and Leadership Development

Students who select to live in the Health Professions Residential College and participate in the CLASS Program enjoy many benefits including: 

Community strength

  • Provides peer support and a positive living-learning environment
  • Creates a fun and supportive smaller community within the larger community of CMU
  • Start college with a group of motivated students who value education and are goal-oriented
  • Live with a core group of students who value healthy lifestyles and have agreed to live "alcohol and tobacco free"
  • Enjoy a sense of pride and commitment in being part of this special community of future health care providers 

Leadership development

  • Opportunity to interact in small groups and one-on-one basis with staff, faculty, and health care professionals
  • Many leadership opportunities including involvement with the HPRC Student Advisory Board, participation in Leadership Institute offerings, pre-professional Registered Student Organizations, and other university and community networks
  • Gain an inside perspective on health care and health care trends in order to be in sync or even ahead of the employment market
  • Establish a portfolio/resume for graduate school and career placement beginning in freshman year

 Academic Success and Student Engagement

Academic success

  • Academic and peer support from students taking the same or similar courses including access to an online network of HPRC students through Blackboard (“ANSWER System”)and in-hall study groups
  • Easy access to guidance and direction from program director, peer mentors, and upper-class students
  • Education and assistance in learning how to access available resources through the community and HPS 101 including tutoring, math and writing centers and other supports
  • The opportunity to explore a potential career early in the educational process and learn about other career choices to determine educational and career direction

Service engagement

  • Participate in community service activities with other HPRC students and leaders to build confidence and gain experience in human service
  • Network with community agencies and university and community leaders
  • Enjoy the countless benefits of working with other HPRC and CMU students in helping others on campus, in the community and across the nation!

Scholarly involvement

  • Learn and grow outside of the classroom through participation in educational programs offered on campus, research opportunities, and on-campus conferences
  • Enjoy college “field trips” to educational and cultural events organized by the HPRC Peer Mentors, RAs, MAs or Student Advisory Board leaders
  • Begin to build a network with health professions professors and other contacts to become part of a growing network of future health professionals for internships, research opportunities, and potential jobs in the future