Library privileges at participating hospitals and Central Michigan University. CMU's catalog (Centra) and research databases (such as ERIC, CINAHL, MEDLINE and PsychINFO) are available via the libraries' home page located at ( Articles and books are available to interns at no charge through Document Access.

Parking while on duty at any of the sponsoring hospitals and affiliations.

Financial Responsibilities of Interns

Interns are responsible for all personal and professional expenses generated, unless otherwise stipulated (See Benefits CMUDI provides interns).

Prior to orientation interns should arrange for appropriate housing and telephone service. Saginaw is a good location as it is central to most rotations. There are several apartment complexes and two or more interns may choose to rent an apartment together. You might also consider the possibility of renting a room in a private home.

A reliable automobile is a must. Transportation is the responsibility of the intern and time lost due to car problems will need to be made up. The public transportation systems in Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw are quite limited. The intern's car should also be prepared and equipped for safe driving in hazardous winter conditions. Automobile insurance which complies with State of Michigan regulations must be carried and proof of insurance is required on the first day of orientation.

Health care insurance is required and interns must bear the cost of health care. The name of the insurance company and the policy number are required on the first day of orientation. Interns must pass a medical examination at their own expense before full admission to the internship is granted. Forms are provided by the internship and must be completed in full.

Interns must provide appropriate uniforms and other professional attire as defined in the CMUDI Policies and Procedures. Textbooks and notes from major courses in nutrition, diet therapy, anatomy, physiology, and institution management will be helpful. Interns have access to departmental libraries and medical libraries in all of the hospitals. Students are encouraged to have their own computer and laser printer and have access to e-mail and the Internet.

The cost of affiliate membership in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics is the responsibility of each intern. Expenses after completing the internship include Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics active membership fee and dues, and registration examination fees.

Money Matters

Upon acceptance into the internship, each intern must apply for acceptance into the College of Graduate Studies as a degree-seeking student in Nutrition and Dietetics. The application fee is $50.

An intern is eligible to apply for financial aid only if he/she applies to the College of Graduate Studies as a degree-seeking student.

Financial aid information will be made available.

Internship Expenses

The table below provides an estimate of the costs for attending the internship. These are only estimates and actual expenses will vary considerably depending upon each intern's individual needs and spending habits.
Item ​Approximate Cost

Per Month Per Year
Graduate School Tuition*
(12 credits @ current rate)

Current Rate
Internship Fee ($175/credit)
Rent (per person, double occupancy) $375 $2,625
Miscellaneous living expenses
Books, Supplies
Lab Coats, Shoes

* Graduate School tuition is subject to change. The twelve credits are divided into two semesters, five-spring, seven-summer I for the January program and five-fall, seven-spring for the September program. Fees are subject to change.