Basic Clinical (10 weeks, five days/week) 

Critical Care 
Weight Management 
General Medicine
Multi-disciplinary team rounds or conferences, charting, nutritional assessments, case studies, nutrition care planning, counseling, group and individual education, professional education, discharge planning, educational materials development, quality management, nutrition support, use of the computer, consulting and home health care. 

Clinical Specialties (Three, three-week rotations, five days/week)

Advanced Diabetes 
Long-term Care 
Develop specialized skills in more advanced areas of dietetic practice.

Clinical Staff Responsibility (Four weeks, five days/week)

Work independently, assuming day to day responsibilities of a staff clinical dietitian.

Public Health (Three weeks, five days/weeks)

Maternal, infant, and child nutrition, group and individual education, professional education, nutrition promotion in the media, newsletter writing, staff training.

Hospital Foodservice (Five weeks, five days/week)

Menu planning, catering, inventory, food and supply procurement, cost control, employee scheduling and supervision, employee education, quality management, foodservice system layout and design, use of the computer and equipment selection, use and maintenance.

Work independently assuming responsibilities of a dietitian in foodservice management.

Classes (Two evenings/month)

Varied topics: conferences, seminars, projects lectures, workshops, field trips, intern presentations.

Orientation (One week, five days/week)

Staff introductions, facility tours, intern presentations, program policies and procedures, evaluation process, introductory skills in dietetic practice.