CMU PA Prerequisite
Equivalent at University of Detriot Mercy

Anatomy lecture and lab

BIO 2300/BIO 2310 and BIO 2320/BIO 2330: Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (lecture/lab). Fulfills both A&P prerequisites.
BIO 2600 (lecture) and BIO 2610 (lab)
BIO 3650 (lecture) and BIO 3660 (lab)
Physiology lecture and lab 
See first option above 
BIO 4630 (lecture) and BIO 4640 (lab)
BIO 4980
Microbiology (with or without lab)
BIO 2410
BIO 4210
Biochemistry (with or without lab)CHM 4710
Developmental Psychology (from birth through old age)
PSY 2500