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14th Annual Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling Forum

"The Dark Side of Analytics" 

The IHBI team is glad to bring you another year of interesting speakers and topics at the 14th Annual Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling Forum! The topic this year will encompass the mistakes and ethical boundaries associated with Big Data, analytics, and visualization, and ways we can correct and prevent these from occurring. If you​ missed the "save the date" email from us and need your contact information updated or if you have any other forum-related questions, please email us at​ The presentations from last year's forum are available to view at the bottom of the page.

To view the working agenda for this year's forum, please click here​.


13th Annual Forum Presentations
Timothy P​letcher, DHA

Director of Technology and Applied Research of the Institute for Health and Business Insight

Visualizing the Future of Big Data: 
Maki​ng ​Sure B​igger is​ Really Bette​r

This session highlights what is on the data science

horizon and share some industry specific

opportunities, in addition to exploring how the many

challenges of data analysis, statistical rigor, data

cleansing, and valid interpretation of results can be

mitigated by new technologies and approaches.​


Paul Groll

Enterprise Integration and Security Architect for the 
State of Michigan

​Enterprise Information Management - Next Steps for Michigan

This session shares experiences with and visions for 

leveraging data, analytics, and visualization tools for 

the State of Michigan through examples used to 

successfully deliver and improve services.

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​Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Greenberg.jpeg
IT Director of the Revenue Cycle Tech Services at the University of Michigan

Relative Value Units (RVUs) - Reporting and Analysis for Everyone

This session will present a full demonstration with 
demo data of how the Fast Analytics team 
constructed multi-worksheet dashboards that allow a 
wide variety of reporting analytical opportunities.

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Theresa Kotanchek, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer of Evolved Analytics

Evolving a Competitive Advantage

This presentation will demonstrate novel approaches 

to visualize results derived from complex, large, or 

“messy” data using analytic and qualitative 

methodologies iways that convey robust insights 

yet increase comprehension.

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Shawn Hooton

shawn hooton.jpg
Senior Field 
Engineer of Pivotal, Inc.​​

An Introduction to Apache Hadoop

The use of Hadoop for big data has become a 
fundamental component of any big data strategy. 
This session will offer a general understanding of the 
Hadoop ecosystem and how it is poised to change 
the data science and advanced analytics landscape.

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Kas Kasravi

Kas-W May14.png
HP Fellow of the Enterprise Services Business Unit for Hewlett Packard

​Governance Analytics

As analytics is gaining popularity, it is important to 
investigate the need for analytics governance in 
order to create the most business value from the 
applications of analytics. It’s not about analytics – it’s 
about how analytics is leveraged in an Enterprise.

Video Kas Button.jpg

Kevin McCormack, Ph.D.
President of DRK Research

The State of Business Analytics in Healthcare

This research project will share the results from 
investigating which factors influence the magnitude 
of the impact of business analytics on performance 
and process innovation.


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