IHBI offers different events to serve all types of industries.

The Annual Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling Forum

  • The Annual Forum is our annual ​event for corporate, non-profit, ​and government leaders to meet and discuss ideas and solutions to business problems through Big Data and analytics.

Brown Bags

  • These lectures are offered throughout the academic school year to inform participants of what IHBI does and what we can do for them.

Special Talks

  • IHBI has teamed up with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) to offer a series of no-fee Chalk Talks. (IIA was co- founded by Tom Davenport, visiting professor at Harvard Business School and author of 'Competing on Analytics'.)

The Shootout 

  • The SAS Shootout is an IHBI sponsored competition that gets students involved in solving real life problems using data analytics.