​Rachel Hensel
  • Dual major in actuarial science and accounting
  • Graduated in May 2013
  • Will be starting as a staff auditor at Deloitte out of their Detroit office
  • "My experience at IHBI will be one I will never forget. I was exposed to real world data and effective problem solving skills. I was also given the opportunity to network and work with brilliant and motivated individuals. All and all, I am very grateful for my time at IHBI and hope others will be able to benefit as much as I did."
Phlip Zerull
  • Dual major in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Graduated in May of 2011
  • Senior Developer at Century Interactive, a small call-tracking/web-tracking firm based out of Dallas Texas.
  • "Employment with IHBI@CMU was a great boon to my career. The experiences working with Fortune 5-- companies like Whirlpool, and Dow Chemical were extremely engaging and provided excellent opportunities to hone my programming and data-mining skills. The networking provided by the Institute's senior research scientists and by events such as the annual data-mining symposium were instrumental in bringing me to where I am in my career today. I strongly believe that employment at IHBI is one of the greatest opportunities that CMU has to offer students."
Rachel Cook
  • Major in computer science, also acquired the data mining certificate
  • Graduated in
  • Statistician at Asset Acceptance, working as part of the predictive analytics and modeling team
  • "Over the year I worked at IHBI@CMU, I was involved in projects from a variety of fields which helped me learn how to handle data from multiple sources and formats. These projects also took my SAS skills to a new level. I went from having a good basic background in basic SAS techniques to building my own macros. I now use these skills often to improve my processes at Asset."
Hasan Cheema
  • B.S. Mathematical Biology (December 2008), also acquired the data mining certificate (May 2012)
  • M.S. in Actuarial Science from Illinois State University (expected graduation May 2014)
  • P&C Predictive Analytics Intern at State Farm Corporate Headquarters
  • "IHBI@CMU not only helped me gain insight and produce data-driven decisions. Working with various teams, such as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team and the IT department, helped me learn to better communicate complicated results in a more efficient and direct way. Moreover, since most of the team is geographically dispersed, I gained valuable experience in teleconferencing. Everything I learned at IHBI helped me to get to my current position and title. I cannot emphasize enough how similar working with IHBI was with working in the real world. The experience truly set me apart from the rest of the pack."
​Katie Rey
  • Dual Major in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Accepted to full funded Ph.D. program at Iowa State University
  • Interning at Steelcase
  • "I loved my experience with IHBI@CMU. I was able to learn from and work with people who are not only skilled at what they do, but they enjoy what they do. They passed that excitement onto me, and my time with IHBI is what actually helped me decide to focus on statistics in graduate school. The experience I gained learning to work with others, and even clients, was invaluable. I am sure my experience with IHBI helped me get into graduate school, and I know it is what got me the job with Steelcase."
Nathan Knight
  • B.B.S. from CMU and Masters in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Management Information Systems and Finance from CMU
  • SAP Certified Solutions Architect Consultant and is certified in Applied Analytics using SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • Management Consulting practice within the IT Advisory group of KPMG
  • "Working with IHBI@CMU has enabled me to begin my project management career through enhancing not only my technical skill but also my ability to identify, communicate and resolve complex business problems. I greatly enjoyed my time with the IHBI team."