Tim Pletcher
Tim Pletcher works with business intelligence and data mining projects in concert with faculty experts. His work includes supporting companies like General Motors, Dow Chemical, Proctor and Gamble, International Paper, Eli Lilly, EDS, Henry Ford Health System and many others. .

Before joining IHBI, he was the chief technology officer at a startup corporation in New York City specializing in electronic commerce and customized supply chain automation. Tim also worked for more than a decade at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) as the director for advanced technology and business information systems, where he supported a number of multi-million dollar reengineering projects such as conversion to a single patient statement, workflow automation, electronic data interchange, cost accounting, charge capture, as well as a series of enterprise networking and tele-health initiatives. In 2000, his special projects team, along with faculty investigators, at UMHS received a Smithsonian-Computer World Medal for the Medical Readiness Trainer Project using virtual reality and computer based modeling and simulation to reduce medical errors.

Tim earned a BS from the University of Michigan in 1989, an MS from Central Michigan University in 2007, and a DHA from Central Michigan University in 2014.